Licensing Information


Cookies and candy can't get you signed restoration contracts
…faciliSmart™ CAN.

As a faciliSmart licensee, you'll be able to offer clients a unique service unavailable from your competitors. By differentiating yourself in this way, you'll have an advantage that those "sweet treats" can never provide.

When your clients sign up with faciliSmart, they're entering into a one-year service agreement with your restoration company for any emergency restorations (chocolate chips can never top that!). In return, your client receives pre-established pricing, relationship discounts and priority status in the event of an emergency. It's a complete "win/win" for everyone involved, with no sticky fingers or empty tins to dispose of.

Best of all, as faciliSmart licensee, you're building long-term relationships with your clients because the software license must be renewed annually. It also provides you with a myriad of opportunities for valuable "face time" during set-up, training and renewal periods. With faciliSmart, you're more than just another contractor to your clients – you'll become a trusted partner who's assisting them in the maintenance and protection of their facilities.

So what are you waiting for? Put down those cookies and call us today to start marketing your company in a whole new (and more effective) way!

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